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Sean uses Scratchboard and Claybord. The effect is similar to woodcuts and wood engraving. A thin layer of clay is applied to a board and then covered in Indian ink. Scratching the black surface reveals the white clay surface underneath. The works are not prints but each one is an original creation.


Quote from Sullivan, drawing instructor at the Slade School,

"A single line can express vitality, just like a single note on a violin."

Bio: Sean Kenan lives in Maldon Victoria in the Central Goldfields region. He went to Prahran Technical College back in the early 1970's and studied Graphic Design. Sean was always drawing on blotting while at school as he was brought up in the days (1950's) before biros. School children in those days were taught to write with steel nib pens and ink-wells were in each desk. Sean concentrated on drawing rather than paying attention to lessons. He did poorly at school but had developed some drawing skills. Woodcarving had also been a hobby for Sean from age fifteen. These skills led him to experimenting with Scratchboard which requires both carving and cutting skills.

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